Artist Biography

Hi! Welcome to my art portal.  I’m a scientist and artist, living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the United States.  My background is in climate and atmospheric sciences, with a focus on data science and statistical modeling.  I am currently a PhD candidate at the University of Idaho, working in the intersection of climate, agriculture, and statistics/machine learning. My artwork is abstract and representative of the intersection of chaos and organization – which is a lot like our climatic and atmospheric worlds.  What appears to be extremely chaotic and disorganized is – often times – formulated according to a complex pattern of variables, of which we may not be cognizant.  I try to represent this aspect of natural systems in my artwork – which is in many ways – an extension of my scientific research.  I look for patterns in data, and how they relate to climate and agriculture.  My art depicts how I see these ideas from a more qualitative, holistic perspective, using color, chaotic patterns, and other mediums.